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Inferno Makes Solar IMPACTFUL: How Solar Takes Advantage of Sunny Days

When considering a solar array for their business, business owners looking for industrial solar might ask themselves questions about the efficiency of solar panels. Do they produce year-round? How do they cope with winter days? Are they worth the cost?

It is true that during winter the days are shorter so overall the panels don’t produce as much. But that’s a con that has to be weighed against the pros.

It’s well known that Alberta is very sunny—it’s one of the sunniest places in North America, with Calgary, Edmonton, Medicine Hat, and Lethbridge topping the sunniest cities list for all of Canada. So even if your solar array is producing less in the winter, it’s producing a tonne in the summer, taking full advantage of our long and sunny days. 

You see, the annual production of a solar array is much more important than the day-to-day. Studying the production data and inverter curves of our existing industrial solar instals, we can see that some inverters turn on at 6:00 in the morning and turn off at 9:00 at night—they’re producing for 15 hours (62.5%) of the day, powering your building and selling the excess back to the grid during peak hours. 

That means that the very high summer production offsets the lower winter production (especially when you combine a solar array with a battery storage system that fills in on less productive days). 

Inferno Solar comes to every install armed with data, years of experience, and the know-how you need to make sure your solar array is working for you year-round, and putting money back into your pocket. That’s how Inferno is making solar impactful.

It’s time for your business to take a step toward energy independence. Call Inferno Solar today.