About Us

Committed to advancing
Alberta’s energy industry
with sustainable solar solutions.


Offering energy solutions that reduce costs and emissions.

We believe that solar electricity can compete with grid electricity on a cost basis, while lowering exposure to market volatility and carbon emissions.

We believe that investors, customers, and prospective employees put increased value in businesses that treat carbon emissions and climate change seriously.

We believe that by providing uncompromising quality and excellent service to our partners and their customers, that we will continue to grow and be successful in our mission.

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Our Services

We cover 100% of your solar needs.

Our turn-key approach to solar systems includes everything from project management, design, and engineering, to procurement, construction, and installation. We provide guidance, experience, and expertise throughout every project, working closely with our partners to advance their commercial and industrial facilities as cost-effective, energy-efficient, and sustainable operations.

  • Cost-effective Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability solutions

    Many companies are taking the commendable step to introduce Corporate Social Responsibility mandates to enhance society and the environment, instead of contributing negatively to them. We work with property owners and building managers to improve the long-term resource-efficiency, health, and resilience of their facilities with our innovative and proven solar system solutions, to help them achieve their Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability goals.

    With an experienced and qualified team of electricians and consulting engineers, we analyze multiple options to reduce your carbon emissions and energy costs. Through our design process, we consider solar, power factor correction, process scheduling, battery storage options, and energy efficiency upgrades, while also exploring other innovative solutions to maximize energy savings.

    Our holistic approach ensures you receive a complete turn-key solar system, where we partner with you through every stage of the design, development, construction, and performance processes.

  • Solar system development, engineering, procurement, and construction

    In the early project development stages, we’re available to perform feasibility studies, provide budgetary pricing, and estimate the financial value of energy savings. Our experienced team of Alberta-based engineering partners will assess the condition of your building or site, providing recommendations and approvals. As your project progresses into the construction phase, we will secure all necessary contracts, permits, and licensing agreements.

    Through our procurement process, we continually source, review, and select from industry-leading Canadian technology and equipment vendors, handling all financing, purchasing, and coordination services required. To complete our turn-key solar project management service, we oversee the entire construction, installation, and connection of your solar system. Here, our in-house team of qualified and experienced installers will ensure minimal interruptions to your day-to-day business operations throughout the construction process.

  • Electric vehicle charging solutions

    From site preparation to installation, we provide a full range of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions to meet any workplace or property owner needs. We partner with industry-leading EV technology providers, sourcing hardware that is safe, proven, and reliable, with software that is easy to operate, monitor, and maintain. Every EV charging station we install is built to withstand the Alberta elements and designed to be driver-friendly and easy to use.

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Our Story

How it all started.

Rooted in Sustainability

Born and raised in Alberta, Curtis Craig, P.Eng, ME, and President of Inferno Solar, was introduced to sustainability at an early age. Working on his grandparent’s farm throughout his youth, Curtis learned first-hand about wildlife habitat preservation and responsible land management practices from his grandfather, a recognized Habitat Steward who dedicated and maintained over 50 acres of land bordering the Red Deer River for wildlife habitat conservation.

Experienced in Electrical Engineering

As Curtis grew older, he took after his father and began his career as an electrician, eventually progressing to Master Electrician and Professional Electrical Engineer. Within this field, Curtis’ work experiences ranged from installing solar panels on industrial pipeline instrumentation buildings in some of the most remote areas of Alberta, to designing solar systems for schools and other major city infrastructure projects throughout the province.

Committed to Advancing Alberta’s Energy Sector

These combined experiences, values, and passions are what motivated Curtis to launch Inferno Solar, which has since grown to a specialized team of solar industry leaders who are committed to advancing Alberta’s energy sector with sustainable solar resources.