Introduce Corporate Social Responsibility to your Business

Many companies are taking the commendable step to introduce Corporate Social Responsibility mandates to enhance society and the environment, instead of contributing negatively to them. We work with property owners and building managers to improve the long-term resource-efficiency, health, and resilience of their facilities with our innovative and proven solar system solutions, to help them achieve their Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability goals. 

Solar Feasibility Studies

Inferno Solar can provide Solar Feasibility Studies for new buildings in Alberta that require studies for Development Permit submission. We can advise on architectural, structural, electrical, and mechanical considerations when you are designing your new building to accommodate solar, while ensuring cost impacts are minimal.
We can also provide budgetary estimates and sample business cases to simplify the process of selecting solar energy for your new building. Our team of skilled engineers and designers can assist your team in making sure your project is a success.

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