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Inferno Makes Solar ATTAINABLE: Solar benefits outweigh the costs (by a lot)

Take it from us: outfitting your building with solar energy is more cost effective than you think. One of Inferno Solar’s unique offerings is the way we can break down the costs of getting an array installed in the most easy-to-understand way and paint a clear financial picture, regardless of the actual purchaser of the solar array. 

Landlords who own a building could put up the capital to purchase a solar energy system and then lease it back to their tenants for less than they save on power. From the tenants’ perspective, the increase to rent cost is essentially zero-sum: what you pay in leasing, you save on power. In many cases the tenant saves more (or much more) than they pay in additional rent, making the arrangement cash flow positive from day one.

Building owners can lease the array from us at Inferno Solar, and apply the power savings to the lease price: again, the arrangement is usually cash flow positive, meaning the savings are greater than the lease payments.

Take it from Cimco Refrigeration’s Edmonton branch. After a year of operation with their solar array, they are on track toward zero-dollar energy bills.

If you add in corporate green mandates to the mix, as well as the fact that any excess power can be sold back to the grid during peak hours, it becomes obvious how your solar array has the potential to pay for itself. We can show you how. That’s how Inferno is making solar attainable.

It’s time for your business to take a step toward energy independence. Call Inferno Solar today.