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Inferno Makes Solar SIMPLE: Pain-Free Solar Installation

Many Albertan business owners have reservations about adopting solar energy: How reliable is the technology? How do I know if my solar panels are producing? Will the installation disrupt my business? Can I afford it?

Let’s address these concerns one by one:

  1. How reliable is the technology?

Solar panels have no moving parts, are operational year-round, and are backed by our comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Program, which is designed to ensure your

system is protected by a continuous chain of care; generating inexpensive, clean

power when you need it. 

Benefits of a Preventive Maintenance Program:

  • Weekly production tracking and error monitoring to establish baseline energy production and maximize generation
  • Identify and address minor issues before they become major problems, minimizing downtime
  • Creation of a service record
  • Annual inspection for damage, inordinate dust, dirt, or animal waste
  • In short: ensuring your system is operating safely and as intended

On top of that, solar arrays are powered by the sun, which has been pretty reliable for as long as we can remember. 

  1. How do I know if my solar panels are producing? 

How do you track your solar array’s efficiency? Simply log in to the complimentary web portal any time, or trust our Maintenance Department to keep an eye on it for you.. Inferno Solar’s Solar Monitoring System allows us to:

  • Establish a baseline of performance for your solar system
  • Measure the impact of new equipment, processes, energy efficiency measures
  • Report on ESG/CSR
  • Create a prompt notification and response plan in the event of an alarm, fault, extreme weather or grid event
  • Produce a yearly system performance report card

Monitoring the performance of your solar array is a key pillar of a successful

Preventative Maintenance program. 

  1. Will the installation disrupt my business?

Inferno Solar makes a point of minimizing disruptions while we do our install. We are conscientious and respectful of your business, before, during, and after. We’ve worked hard to develop a culture of respect, professionalism, and collaboration with you.

The experience was great. The impact to our operation was nothing. You guys were completely out of our hair.”

-Connor McIntosh, RSE – Cimco Refrigeration

  1. Can I afford it?

As we’ve discussed before, we have programs in place to lower the barrier of entry for solar: the Solar Lease and Solar Club programs. With Solar Lease, landlords who own a building put up the capital to purchase a solar energy system and then lease it back to their tenants for less than they save on power. From the tenants’ perspective, the increase to rent cost is essentially zero-sum: what you pay in leasing, you save on power. Many tenants save more than the increase in rent, while not having to put up any capital!

With Solar Club, microgenerators (like your business’ solar array) can sell energy back to the grid during high-priced hours and apply that credit back to their bill. Depending on the size of your array and your power demand, there is potential for zero-dollar or even negative energy bills.

At Inferno Solar, we work with our clients every step of the way to make sure you are confident in your investment, you feel no discomfort with the process, and that your solar array is putting money back into your pocket from day one. That’s how Inferno is making solar simple.

It’s time for your business to take a step toward energy independence. Call Inferno Solar today. 


Thanks to York Realty for partnering with us!