Learn About Solar Energy

How will solar energy save my business money?

A solar energy system can save a business money in a few different ways.

The first thing to understand is that an Albertan electricity bill is separated into three parts: the energy, the delivery, and the fixed administrative fees.

Solar can reduce the energy line item by cutting down on the numbers of kilowatt hours you need to buy from the grid.

The delivery line item is a little bit more complicated—you are paying for the transformer, but also the distribution and transmission wires. There are tariffs for using those wires. Solar can offset some of that delivery amount, especially if we can bring down the peak demand of the business. We at Inferno Solar have a demonstrated track record of doing just that.

Part of our process is taking your usage information, doing an analysis, and trying to offer other value-added services like demand reduction.

For example, one of our customers installed a solar system on their roof, and during the analysis and planning phase of the project, we discovered that they were turning on a number of heavy industrial loads all at the same time. That would set a price peak for the month, which was then reflected in a price peak for the whole year. That cost this business $80,000 a year.

By the way, in an effort to save them even more, we offered this customer some free advice: let’s schedule when we’re turning on this equipment differently to spread the demand out over time and reduce that peak. We helped them save tens of thousands a year with our professional analysis of when they’re using energy and what they’re paying to get it to their site—the same kind of analysis we perform for every customer.

To summarize, how Inferno Solar can save your business money is by reducing the energy amounts and demand fees. It’s not about whether you can afford to install solar—it’s whether you can afford not to. Let’s work together today. Give us a call at 587-774-7275.