Vicwest Building Project

Winter Wonders: Vicwest’s 240,000 kW Solar Project Completed in Record Time!

We were awarded this project in November 2022. Our customer, Vicwest Building Products, made it very clear to us that they wanted the system operational by Spring 2023. No problem!

We completed design and engineering, received all our permits and materials, and mobilized to site in early February. Through the rock star efforts of our installation squad, we completed this 240,000 kW project in 14 days…. in the dead of winter in Edmonton. We are very thankful for our awesome customers and awesome team!

The installation of this array is part of Vicwest’s ‘Planet Passionate’ strategy, part of their commitment to reducing carbon output. The solar array covers 96% of the building’s energy needs, significantly reducing Vicwest’s reliance on external energy sources.

Congratulations to Vicwest Building Projects and thank you to York Realty for partnering with us!

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