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Why is Alberta Great For Solar Energy?

Alberta is one of Canada’s most advantageous environments for solar energy.

There’s a few reasons why Alberta is great for solar.

One, we have a regulatory environment that’s very friendly to solar, unlike neighbouring provinces like British Columbia and Saskatchewan. They have arbitrary limits on the size of the array that you can install. They also have Crown corporations that control the electricity market: who can produce at what time.

In Alberta, we have an energy-only market or a free market for electricity. Basically, there’s no limit on the size of a solar array that you can install here.

Two, we are a very northern climate, so we have these very long summer days. The sun is rising very early in the morning and setting close to 11:00 at night. So you can really generate a lot of electricity in the summertime.

The third reason is we are the second sunniest province in Canada, the first being Saskatchewan. With no snow on the panels, they’re going to produce even better than in the summertime. If solar is comparable with the price of grid electricity or cheaper, it’s going to be a value added proposition. 

From governmental regulation to many days of sunlight, Albertan business have everything to gain from solar energy systems.

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