Monarch 1: Roof Top Solar Array

We are excited to announce that the solar array on Monarch 1 is operational! 

This array is for one of the world’s largest companies. Sorry we can’t say who it is due to confidentiality requirements, but suffice to say we learned a lot from this amazing customer. We also received a ton of positive feedback from their team. 

labelled roof top solar array for monarch 1 roof top solar array
A showcase of a couple features for this Roof Top Solar Array.

Testimonials from the Monarch 1 Project

We received a ton of positive feedback from their team. 

“On behalf of the […] solar construction team, I wish to express my gratitude for the great work you all did at [the site] and your willingness to use our newly instituted 3 Phase QA/QC Inspection Process. I also thank you for keeping the […] teams fully apprised of progress and next steps.”

North American Solar Construction Manager 

“I would like to thank your team for installing a high-quality product and executing from soup to nuts a solar roof top system that had various complex requirements and milestones that your team met with professionalism and tenacity. I really enjoyed being part of your build and hope to see you continue to flourish in the Industry that makes such a positive impact in the world.“

Solar Program Manager & Senior QA/QC

Inferno is proud to work with innovative and forward thinking customers. Powering Change, Powering Business, and Powering Alberta with clean energy!

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