Learn About Solar Energy

Why install a solar energy system?

Why install a solar energy system? One important thing to keep in mind is your bottom line.

Solar energy competes against the price of grid electricity. And as long as grid electricity keeps going up—because those prices are driven by the price of natural gas, carbon tax, etc.—and as long as solar is comparable with the price of grid electricity or cheaper, it’s going to be a value added proposition.

Electricity in most places is generated at a central power plant and injected into the grid. From the grid, it comes into the building through your meter. When you install solar on the building roof, it offsets what you’re drawing from the grid. And if you have access, it’ll push back through the meter.

In Alberta, we install what’s called a bidirectional meter (and that’s free of charge). It records power flow in both directions. You pay your contract rate when it’s coming in and you get paid your contract rate when it’s going out!

Solar is more than a socially responsible, forward-thinking energy decision. It has the potential to put money back into your pocket.

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