Learn About Solar Energy

What will the future of solar energy look like?

The future of solar energy in Alberta is an exciting space!

Because we have a deregulated electricity market and the price of power is a dynamic amount subject to supply and demand, we are seeing an incessant upward pressure on power prices—largely driven by increases in the price of natural gas. That means that rooftop solar is only becoming more and more attractive.

An exciting trend in the clean energy space is the electrification of transportation, whether it’s businesses converting their fleets to electric vehicles or their employees buying electric vehicles for themselves. Wider EV adoption means increased pressure to put charging infrastructure on site.

Before long, electrical service to a given business’s building will not be large enough to handle increased demand. For example, we’re already seeing this in residential applications. If one or two neighbours get an EV charger, and another one or two people have hot tubs, the transformer that’s feeding those homes is suddenly undersized.

To take this back to the commercial and industrial sectors, the difference-maker is the amount of rooftop space. With a larger commercial solar array, there’s an opportunity to generate the right amount of electricity where it’s needed.

Us here at Inferno Solar are excited about the future of onsite generation, onsite EV charging, as well as battery storage and other technologies that provide solutions for business owners.

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