Timbertown: Wall-Mounted Array

Timbertown Building Centre Ltd. Goes Green with New Solar Array Installation.

We are thrilled to have completed this project for Timbertown Building Centre Ltd. Timbertown has shown their commitment to reducing emissions and controlling operating costs with the installation of this solar array.

Originally, we intended to install all of the solar panels on the roof of the building, but a structural assessment for one portion of the roof revealed it did not have capacity for additional weight. We searched for a solution and landed on the south wall of the building. We added about 10% more panels to make up for the annual shortfall a wall has to generate energy, compared to a roof.

Wall-mounted solar panels are still great, and produce very well in the winter. This is because the sun is lower in the sky, and little to no snowfall will accumulate on the vertical glass surface.

Finally, having panels on the wall and the roof of a building diversifies the time of day, and time of year, that the solar array produces, creating a more even distribution throughout the year.

Congratulations to TimberTown on this awesome project!

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