The Rise of a New Solar Energy Economy

The International Energy Agency (IEA) recently released a bold and positive statement about the solar energy economy. “The growth of the world’s capacity to generate electricity from solar panels…is on course to accelerate over the coming years, with 2021 expected to set a fresh all-time record for new installations. … By 2026, global renewable electricity capacity is forecast to rise more than 60%.”

We have personally seen this rampant solar energy economy growth. We work with some of the most influential companies in Canada. Telus, North American Construction Group, and Husky, for example. So our focus, no matter the project, is to look at the building power systems with a holistic view. That includes analysis of power quality, energy usage, process scheduling, and opportunities for energy efficiency upgrades, battery storage, or solar and EV charging. Therefore our mission is to provide solutions that reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. The future is solar, and Inferno is helping drive that positive change.

Recent Solar Energy Projects

In our recent project with Purechem Services in Grande Prairie, Alberta, we faced the challenge of an east-facing roof. Panels mounted flush to the roof surface would miss out on many hours of peak daylight. We wanted the productivity of a south-facing rooftop, as they get the best rates of solar energy capture. And we solved this challenge by installing a tilted racking system! We raised each panel to an angle of 15 degrees, which will consequently raise the annual energy generation by 20% over a comparable flush system. 

This is just one of twelve commercial projects we have completed this year alone, and we aren’t slowing down any time soon. With cities implementing carbon emission programs, like Edmonton’s Clean Energy Improvement Program, we can positively come alongside the International Energy Agency in the rise of a new and more sustainable energy economy.

New Beginnings 

With the holidays around the corner and 2022 presenting the opportunity for new beginnings, there’s no better time than today to begin the process of reducing your carbon footprint. Contact us today at or 587-774-7275.

From our families to yours, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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