Introducing Silent Aire P10

Inferno Solar is thankful to have a great partner like Silent Aire. Silent Aire P10 was our second project with them and we applaud them for their continued pursuit of implementing stronger sustainable energy solutions.

Silent Aire is an international company specializing in custom data centre solutions. Pioneering the way in design, engineering, manufacturing, and servicing of hyper-scaling cooling services, as well as being a world leader in modular data centres. They value partnerships and the importance of being solution-driven in their field of work.

Our Challenge

Covering enough ground to capture sufficient energy for Silent Aire P10.

This was a particularly large project, covering 45,000 square feet of roof and connecting to the electrical distribution system. Our challenge was to add value in the most cost effective way possible.

Our Solution

We installed a rooftop array of over 800 solar panels.

We installed over 800 solar panels on the building, that exceed the onsite demand and exports to the grid on most sunny days. The photovoltaic system was mounted on the roof of the building and installed using a ballasted system. Mounted with aluminum rails, they are provided with rubber feet to ensure the roof is protected from abrasion. This nearly eliminates the need for roof penetrations that can leak over time and also reduces cost.

We were happy to keep the worksite nice and tidy, just like we always do. We take pride in our work and make a point of maintaining safe sites. This project also qualified for Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) Energy Savings for Business (ESB) program, which is a solar rebate valued at about 25% of project cost. Inferno Solar quarterbacked the rebate process on Silent Aire’s behalf. Thank you Silent Aire for another great project!

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