Learn About Solar Energy

Can my business afford solar panels?

At the moment, there is upward pressure on electricity prices from increasing natural gas costs and increasing carbon taxes. Models suggest that we may see increases in electricity prices of 70% or more over the next ten years.

So, can your business afford to install solar panels? You can’t afford not to.

Inferno Solar therefore has a very good value proposition. Going forward, we’re going to offer increased certainty and a hedge on power price increases. We’re going to hold them at today’s level as time goes on. Carbon offsets from the solar array will be worth more and buying power from the grid will cost more. That means solar arrays will continue to become more competitive and more attractive for business owners.

When the topic of putting solar on a business comes up, the conversation will often shift to questions like How is it going to be paid for? Is it going to be cash off the balance sheet? Will there be some sort of debt financing? Inferno Solar can offer expertise and advice on how to pay for rooftop solar asset. From installation to monitoring to financing, Inferno Solar are your solar experts.

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