Josh Read

Josh started with Inferno Solar in February of 2021. Josh has been in the trade for 10 years, and has experience working in industrial, oil and gas, commercial, and residential electrical. He is currently enrolled in the Lakeland College Renewable Energy and Conservation program.

Josh brings humour, passion, and a great work ethic to the team. As foreman, Josh is a critical member of the team, in charge of organization on site, mentoring apprentices, quality assurance and control, as well as ordering material, making sure the crew is working effectively and safely, planning daily tasks, troubleshooting, etc. Josh has previous experience in this role from previous experience in the Alberta industrial sector.

Josh is an example of how renewable energy can provide opportunities for energy workers to participate in the energy transition. We are thankful for Josh and his contributions to safety, quality workmanship, lifelong learning, and mentorship of junior team members.