Sr. Project Manager

Dave Cook

David joined the Inferno team in Fall of 2021, but is no stranger to the solar industry in Alberta. Over the last four years he has been an integral part in the design, installation, and maintenance of numerous municipal and commercial solar arrays throughout the province. He has always had a huge interest in electric vehicles, solar, and green technologies, and thoroughly enjoys being able to pursue his passion in the rapidly changing industry of renewables.


David believes that each client and site is unique, and it’s important to establish clear client values for the design and construction of each project to ensure that all expectations are met in regards to performance, budget, aesthetics, and safety. He also enjoys working with clients on their current energy usage to determine how they can ensure optimum usage of their solar products and are getting the best value possible from wire service providers for the delivery of energy from the grid.


David is an out of the box thinker, and when designing systems has great intuition to assemble the most buildable, feasible, and highest performing systems in western Canada. David’s experience from the full cycle of construction of solar systems has given him un-paralleled estimating knowledge on hours forecasting per task item. This allows David to excel in extremely accurate estimates and manpower forecasting to ensure projects are delivered safely, on time, and on budget.