Project Details

Yokohama Tire

  • Location:

    Leduc, Alberta

  • Project Type:

    Rooftop Array

Smooth Sailing: Yokohama Solar Project Nears Completion in Pioneer Skies Business Park

Thanks to mild weather this fall and winter, we are nearing completion on our very exciting solar project for Yokohama Tire and York Realty on their new space in the Pioneer Skies Business Park. In the background is Distribution NOW, or DNOW, whose array we completed in the spring of 2023.

On this site, we are trialing ‘bifacial solar panels’ on the left side and regular monofacial on the right to see if there is an energy generation boost from using the bifacial panels. It’s just another way Inferno Solar works to maximize our clients’ solar investments.

Cycle through the photo gallery to see the project at different stages of completion!