Project Details

Telus Park Calgary

  • Location:

    Calgary, AB

  • Project Type:

    Roof Top Array

  • Energy Generation Per Year:

    130,000 kWh

  • Project Size:

    360 Solar Panels

Our Challenge

Clean energy solutions that increase brand awareness.

On the Telus Park Calgary campus—the first of what they call the “new generation plant centres’—is a warehouse and office space located under the flight path of Calgary’s International Airport. As an office situated in a more commercial area, we needed to get creative in how we could help increase their brand awareness while finding ways to maximize their energy independence and decrease carbon emissions.

Our Solution

Supplied and installed 360 solar panels with a unique twist.

Our alternate-coloured panels cleverly spell out TELUS. As a building situated directly under the flight path to the Calgary International Airport, this was an effective solution to help build Telus’ reputation as a supporter of sustainable energy solutions. When planes arrive at Calgary International, passengers can look down and see Telus’ commitment literally spelled out.We worked closely with a structural engineer to design a system light enough for the existing building structure to support. In the end, we installed 360 solar panels with a 10-degree tilt facing south, showcasing the Telus brand. This rooftop array provides 25% of the building’s energy. Further to that, we put sustainable finishing touches on the campus by outfitting it with a “sustainability hub.” Two electric vehicle charging stations are powered by solar panels atop a shelter, while the nearby solar flower spins around as the sun moves, maximizing energy capture in style.