Project Details

Telus Fort McMurray

  • Location:

    Fort McMurray, Alberta

  • Project Type:

    Roof Top Array

  • Energy Generation Per Year:

    16,400 kWh

  • Project Size:

    48 Solar Panels

Our Challenge

Geographic Distance From Base to Site

With the beautiful expanse of Northern Alberta stretching between Edmonton and Fort McMurray, it isolates the site from quick trips to provide supplies and manpower on short notice. Eagle Builders was fantastic keeping our team integrated with construction progress, but Inferno could not pre-install equipment or provide continued on-site help for minor issues. Typical projects are completed and maintained by Inferno staff electricians, but the distance on this project would hinder our ability to provide rapid response to site.
Ensuring continued success as Telus’ sustainability partner, we needed a solution to provide world-class customer service in a remote location!

Our Solution

Partnership with Local Electrical Company

In order to ensure our customer’s new solar system would be running smoothly for years to come, we enlisted the help of Myco Electric, a local electrical company with a desire to get into the solar industry. Their assistance on the install ensured that the Inferno crew could complete the project in ONE trip to site. In addition, their intimate knowledge of the project allows them to be the local expert providing timely maintenance and support for years to come.
Congratulations to the team at Telus for demonstrating continued leadership on clean energy!