Project Details

Hopewell Developments & Crestpoint Real Estate Investments

  • Location:

    Rockyview County

  • Project Type:

    Rooftop Solar Array, EV Charging

  • Project Size:

    242 Solar Panels

Committed to environmentally conscious business

Hopewell is committed to environmentally conscious business, and integrates sustainable energy and resource considerations into their business practices. Crestpoint, similarly, is committed to responsible corporate behaviour and believes that their success depends on the health of the communities in which they do business.

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Creating a positive change in the environment.

This project took us two weeks to complete in Balzac’s Crosspointe Industrial Park. It includes the installation of 242 rooftop solar panels! The building also features 5 x 6.6kW Level 2 chargers for employees and customers to use. The installation of this project also helped the development achieve LEED Certified Core + Shell Development certification.

This solar array was designed to be easily reconfigurable over the life of the system. As tenants come and go, their needs change, and electricity requirements fluctuate, the feeds from this array can be reconnected simply and with minimal cost. It’s a great use for under-utilized roof space.

Thank you Hopewell Developments and Crestpoint Real Estate Investments for your commitments to sustainability, and congratulations on your new solar arrays and your building’s new certification! And thank you for trusting Inferno Solar to provide you with a solar system to meet your sustainability goals. Together, we can create a positive change in the environment.

Also, thanks to Rockyview County for being such a great jurisdiction to work in.

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