Project Details


  • Location:

    Nisku, Alberta

  • Project Type:

    Flat Roof Ballasted Solar Array

  • Energy Generation Per Year:

    220,000 kWh

  • Project Size:

    588 Solar Panels

Our Challenge

Reduce customer electricity & demand billing charges with clean energy

We helped to meet the Corporate Social Responsibility mandate cost-effectively. The building structure has a limited capacity for solar, and the rooftop has numerous pieces of HVAC equipment and a membrane roof with highly compressive insulation. Being outside of the city, the area is subject to higher wind loads than commonly found inside the city.

Our Solution

We analyzed the customers’ electricity meter data and provided tips for equipment scheduling to eliminate large demand spikes.

Our design also provides up to 25% of the tenant’s electricity needs each year, helping offset carbon emissions, attract new customers and employees, and differentiate the business. We also contracted with a structural engineer to assess the building and approve the design and worked closely with the roofing contractor to ensure that pressure from the solar array on the roof insulation would not damage it over time or in heavy wet snow conditions.