Project Details


  • Location:

    Calgary, AB

  • Project Type:

    Roof Top Solar Array

  • Energy Generation Per Year:

    250,000 kWh

  • Project Size:

    580 Solar Panels

Focused on safety, systems, electrical, and controls engineering

Focused on safety, systems, electrical, and controls engineering, Exro Vehicle Systems is a high value product development partner for organizations pursuing mobility product electrification. Exro Vehicle Systems optimizes the generation and management of electric power through intelligent controls and their proprietary technology: the EXRO Coil Driver, and Battery Control System.

About the project

Design and Install while coordinating with tenants improvements.

Inferno’s scope on this project was to design and install an array that was fully coordinated with the tenant improvements going on in the building, and to work with the base building systems to create a cost effective, visually appealing, and reliable solar system that will stand the test of time.

We are thrilled to work with awesome customers such as EXRO as we work to collectively decarbonize buildings and transportation.