Inferno Makes Solar INTUITIVE: Leveraging energy metering systems to save you money

With every install, Inferno Solar comes armed with data. It’s easy for us to look at a previous install of similar size, find its production data, consider things like panel tilt and hours of sun in the location, and forecast the productive capability of a new install. 

We also learn from the different ways in which businesses use their solar energy systems. For example, an office block produces less than a refrigeration business, but their demand rises at different times. All of this data makes it easy to plan a net-zero strategy, not for any business, but for your business. That means signing up for a new solar array on your business’ roof is never a gamble.

But leveraging field data tells us even more: we learn about preventative maintenance opportunities: learning from an issue today to prevent it tomorrow. We learn about average demand, meaning we can predict how much energy you can sell back to the grid and when you’ll start seeing credits appear on your electricity bill.

The more we work with awesome partners, the more we learn, and the better our installation and long-term preventive maintenance strategies become. That’s how Inferno is making solar intuitive.

It’s time for your business to take a step toward energy independence. Call Inferno Solar today.