Multi-level Distribution Facility: Roof Top Solar Array

Drone photo of multi level distribution facility

Powering Victoria’s Distribution Hub on Vertical Canvas

Inferno Solar was engaged by York Realty to work on this very exciting multi-level distribution facility in Victoria, BC. Because the roof of the building is a parking surface, we looked at the large south-facing wall as a blank canvas to host solar panels.

This array will produce 100kW per year and has the capacity of reducing C02 by two tonnes annually—the equivalent of 7,311 kilometres driven, 680 litres of diesel, and two acres of forest.

We worked with the architecture team and the developer to design and build this beautiful solar array that interfaces with the decorative wall cladding. The wall cladding itself is an amazing product that showcases the natural beauty of the area.

Sky-High Challenges Conquered

This project had a lot of challenges, including being immediately adjacent to Victoria International Airport, our first project on Vancouver Island, and working with the Ombrae panel manufacturer to create a custom mounting bracket that would work with the wall-mounted solar panels.

We think the end result is beautiful! Thanks to everyone involved—we couldn’t do it without our customers, our amazing designers, project managers, and of course, electricians to install the panels and wiring! Special thanks go to the team at York Realty for including us on this ambitious project.

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