Business Benefits from Solar Leasing

graph of energy sources

What is Solar? What are the business benefits from solar leasing?

In the past, the majority of electricity in Alberta came from coal. The world is moving towards the use of solar for energy. With the rise of Solar Energy, what are the business benefits from solar leasing?

The Coal was mined, burned in a boiler, heating water to steam, the steam turns a turbine, the turbine spins a generator, the generator produces electricity which was fed to the grid and into your building. But now there are many other options for providing solar to your business. The most popular by far is solar panels. Solar panels are convenient and take up very little room, as they are mostly installed on the roof of your building.

Once the solar is installed on your roof, it will flow into the building lights, fans, and other loads. If there is more solar power than is needed, the excess will flow back to the grid and is recorded by the electricity meter on the way out.

When the sun goes down, the flow of electricity is reversed, with the grid once again supplying the building.

Batteries are not an economical option for most situations in Alberta at this time, except for special circumstances.   

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